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Boosting the Affiliate Sales in Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing can be a tough business in so much as you are often competing for sales with lots of other affiliates who are all promoting the same product.

For this reason you might sometimes want to do something to stand out a little from the competition, which can sometimes especially be worth doing if you are promoting a higher ticket item.

Be yourself and become the advisor

Yep – we’ve harped on about this quite a bit in this report, however it really is a good way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Many affiliates are lazy and will blast out the promo email that has been given to them by the product owner. If you can become a bit different and put your personality and opinions into your affiliate marketing then it can really help.

Time your promotion right

Sometimes people’s decision between purchasing through your affiliate link and someone else’s comes purely down to timing. This is particularly the case with email marketing – if they see someone else’s email before yours then they might already have bought it by the time your email even lands in their inbox…

So – promoting as early as you can could be a good strategy. The longer the period since the launch then the more chance there is that people have bought from somebody else.

Equally leaving it late can be an effective strategy! Sometimes people will see a launch, check out the offer and decide not to buy for whatever reason. Then, a few weeks go buy and they change their mind. So – by promoting a while after everyone else you can sometimes “mop of” some of the people who were initially undecided.


This can be particularly relevant when promoting high ticket items because the effort involved is justified by the high commission payments if you make sales.

Basically you just say “if you buy through my link I’ll offer you THIS for free.”

Your bonus could be anything really – an additional bonus report, coaching, consulting etc.

The key is to make it something relevant to the main offer – and the more valuable the bonus is the more likely they are to buy through your affiliate link.

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