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Building a List of Prospects in Affiliate Marketing

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The money is in the list!

You’ve heard that expression before, right?

As an affiliate marketer, building a list of prospects is fundamental to your success. There are certainly other ways of making affiliate sales but many would say that doing so through having an email list can be one of the most effective – and here’s the reason…

An email list literally allows you to make money on tap. Once you have a list you can simply find a relevant product to promote, type out an email, press send and make instant sales.

There’s a little more to it of course but please understand that this IS the reality once you’ve got a decent sized list of targeted prospects.

So, how on earth do you build a list if you don’t have one?

The first thing is to get together something that you can give away in return for people signing up to your list…

It could be a free report, video course, etc.

Whatever it is should be highly appealing to the people in your niche. You want people to be desperate to join your list so that they can get hold of your freebie, so it’s worth investing the time to create or source a great product to give away. You could create it

yourself or find a good quality product that comes with Private Label Rights or Resale Rights.

Once you’ve got something to give away then you need to set yourself up with a squeeze page. This is a simple one-page website where you tell people what your free offer is, together with an opt-in box where they enter their name and email address.

Most squeeze pages follow a fairly similar format, so have a look at other’s in your niche to get a feel for what they are like.

You can see an example squeeze page below:

Example squeeze page how to build a list in affiliate marketing

It’s worth mentioning at this point that in order to build a list you’ll need to sign up for an autoresponder service such as Aweber or Get Response. They give you all the tools you need to capture and store email addresses and to send emails to them once you’ve built your list.

Behind your squeeze page you should have a paid offer, sometimes called a One Time Offer (OTO).

Again, this could be your own product, a resell rights product or even an affiliate offer – but whatever you decide it makes sense to offer people something to buy as soon as they sign up to your list. You’ve engaged them enough to persuade them to give you their email address so there’s a decent chance that they might also be in the mood to buy something. Most won’t buy of course but a percentage WILL and thus it provides you with the opportunity to make some money as you build your list.

You’ll also need to set up a download page (a simple page which thanks people for signing up and provides them with the link to download their freebie.

What you’re doing here is building a simple sales funnel. I’m not going to cover list building in great depth here because there are plenty of guides to list building available online – and many of them are free.

The point that must be emphasised however is that building a list is pretty essential for any online business owner and it’s a particularly valuable asset to have to us as affiliate marketers.

Getting people onto your list

Once you’ve built your funnel then you’ll need to send traffic to your squeeze page.

There are probably hundreds of different ways out there of doing this, including solo ads, Facebook ads, article marketing, forum marketing, linking your squeeze page to your blog – etc.

If you’re just starting out and can afford to spend a bit of money on advertising then many people would recommend solo ads.

If you don’t know what a ‘solo ad’ is then it’s really simple – it’s just where you pay somebody who already has a list to send out an email to their subscribers promoting your free offer.

Solo ads are popular amongst many because they can provide you with an opportunity to build your list pretty quickly…

Most solo ad sellers will offer you a certain number of guaranteed clicks. So, if somebody guarantees you 200 clicks from the solo ad and your squeeze page converts on average at 45% then you’re going to get 90 new people joining your list. Once a solo ad has been sent you usually get the traffic pretty quickly, so it’s possible to build a list of hundreds or even thousands of people in a matter of days.

Obviously solo ads cost money. But if your sales funnel has paid products behind it then you could recoup back the cost of the ads and even make an upfront profit. Often you won’t recoup back your costs initially but you’ll have a list that you can market to for years to come.

A key aspect of being successful with solo ads is knowing your figures – especially your conversion rates…

If you know the average conversion rate of your squeeze page and backend offers then you can work out how much you can afford to spend on solo ads.

It’s important to TEST your funnel thoroughly so that you can improve on it. You can split test different offers and work out which ones convert the best…

Take the following example:

You’ve got a free report you’re giving away to build your list and you make two different squeeze pages promoting the report.

You do a simple 50/50 split test on your offer, which simply means you send 50% of your traffic to one squeeze page and 50% to the other (there are plenty of tools out there that enable you to do this)

You buy a solo ad with 200 guaranteed clicks, so 100 of those people will see the first squeeze page and 100 will see the second.

When you’ve done the test you find that the first squeeze page converted at 32% (so 32 people subscribed) and the second one converted at 48% (so 48 people subscribed).

As you can see the second squeeze page converted at a much higher rate than the first…

So imagine if you had not bothered testing and had simply thrown up squeeze page number one. You’d have lost out on quite a few subscribes, and as you bought more and more solo ads you’d lose out on even more.

PLEASE test because it’ll make your chances of success so much higher 🙂


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