Cats Rule at the Kitty Bodega

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The past couple of years have been a time of change and reflection for many people as they dealt with pandemic-related challenges. Although the circumstances may not have been happy, making the most of a situation can make things easier.

For many years, Angie Ily ran her own business to support herself through college, then got into the corporate world for the next nine years doing project management and business development. During the pandemic, she sold her homemade macarons a couple times a month at flea markets to help fund her pet- rescue efforts. It combined two of her passions — macarons and cat rescue.

Like a lot of folks during this time, she was contemplating what to do next as the world was changing. She loves macarons, but making them can prove challenging, so opening a bakery might not be prudent. She also wasn’t sure if she wanted to head back into the corporate world or run a small business. “Both come with perks and stresses,” she says.