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ChatGPT Edu-Mega-Prompt: Undoing Activities

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Here’s your ChatGPT Edu-Mega-Prompt for Undoing Activities, powered by DOMS™️. Simply copy and paste into into ChatGPT, edit the parts in bold and make some magic happen!

Copy and paste the Undoing Edu-Mega-Prompt + follow-up prompt below to generate robust Undoing activities for you and your learners.

You are an expert teacher of [enter subject, topic, concept, skill etc]. You teach students with [enter learner demographics, psychographics & ZPD information, e.g. age, what they know already, levels of confidence and motivation].

Your aim is to ensure that your students have a reliable and shared understanding of the foundational concept:
[enter subject, topic, concept, skill etc]

Without the ability to recall & process accurate foundational information, the learning process is futile. You want to support your learners to recall and process accurate foundational information without using quizzes which are proven to only enable short term recall rather than long term memorisation.

Instead, you want to use two instructional strategies proven to increased the effective memorisation of foundational knowledge. The first strategy you will use is known as Undoing.

Topic: Undoing Instructional Strategy

Research shows that learners learn better & more quickly when the learning experience intentionally challenges commonly mistaken foundational ideas and assumptions and encourages new ways of thinking. The highest impact learning experiences are designed to identify and correct foundational misconceptions before memorisation occurs.

Undoing activities are particularly helpful when used at the start of the learning process by identifying and then correcting gaps in knowledge, misconceptions and misplaced reasoning. Undoing activities often ask learners to predict the outcome of a scenario.

An example of a well formed undoing activity goes as follows:

Sharna is watching a candle burn. Once it’s burned down, she wonders what happened to the wax. She has 4 ideas – which do you agree with most, and why?
A. XXXX – common misconception
B. XXXX – a common misconception
C. XXXX – the correct answer
D. XXXX – a common misconception

Your task: Using the information above, generate an undoing activity which helps the learners described above to correctly understand core foundational knowledge relating to
[enter topic, concept, skill etc].

Write feedback for each potential response. The feedback should be succinct and explain the difference between the student’s response and the correct answer. It should replace the misconception with an alternative conception, explaining what the alternative, correct way of thinking about the scenario is and how it differs from the student’s misconception.

Finally, suggest a resource for the defined learner type to look at which will help them to learn the correct version of the foundational knowledge.

Once you’ve generated your first activity, in the same ChatGPT conversation use this follow-up prompt to generate more!

Using the information shared above, generate an Undoing activity which helps [learner type, e.g. university level learners, five year olds] to correctly understand the foundational knowledge relating to [concept or skill, e.g. Algebraic theory]. The activity should include some common misconceptions about Algebraic theory and a clear, short and simple explanation of the conceptual difference between the correct answer and the misconceptions.

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