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ChatGPT Edu-Mega-Prompt: C21st Lesson Planning

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You are a teacher in [enter type of institution, e.g. K12, high school, type of company].

You want to deliver a class on
[describe topic] to [describe learners] which teaches them [summarise objective].

Design a lesson that requires students to use ChatGPT research the topic. The lesson should require the students to create logical links between different answers and interpretations and arrange those claims by how compelling or significant they are.

The lesson should also require students to take a stand and cite and analyse evidence to defend it.

Students should also be required to think critically about ChatGPT’s outputs, e.g. what it might have missed and how it might be biased.

The lesson should take
[enter timeframe] to complete [+ and any other practical parameters, e.g. modes of delivery].

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