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Cinematic Rain Slideshow

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How to use

  1. Choose duration version of this project and open it with After Effects
    • Long Version: 3:03 Duration, 24 Placeholders;
    • Medium Version: 2:18 Duration, 18 Placeholders;
    • Short Version: 1:33 Duration, 12 Placeholders.

2. Open Folder “01 Edit”, folder “Media” and all compositions inside.

3. Put your media files (photo or video) in these compositions.

Export After Effects project

  1. Open “Essential Graphics” panel from “Window” tab.

2. Export Motion Graphics Template by clicking on the button

3. In the appeared window Select “Local Drive” in “Destination” field, set the place of export by
clicking on “Browse” button and click “OK”.

Import project to Premiere Pro

  1. Open Premiere Pro and create new Sequence

2. Install exported from AE Motion Graphics Template.

3. Open “Essential Graphics” panel from “Window” tab.

4. Find and drag Motion Graphics Template to the timeline of created Sequence. Select “Change
sequence settings” in the warning panel.

Edit settings and render the project

  1. Select project on timeline and go to “Edit” tab on “Essential Graphics” panel.

2. Edit text, colors and other settings on this panel.

3. Add your audio to the project on timeline.

4. Render final result!

Font used


The File Size: 102.6 Mo

You can download this project from

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