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“I wear contacts and went in for a simple, routine eye checkup. The doctor asked me if I had any concerns. I almost didn’t say anything but mentioned, ‘It’s not really bothersome, but I have little light halos in my peripheral vision only, no big deal.’ She says, ‘OK, we’ll just run some extra tests.’ Half an hour later, she took my hands and said, ‘I need you to go to the ER right now and get an MRI and CT scan.’ My optic nerves were severely swollen, which made her wonder what else in my head, like my brain, could be swollen, which meant a possible tumor. The scariest night of my life.”

“Thank goodness it was NOT a tumor, but imaging and tests showed I have intracranial hypertension: My body overproduces cerebrospinal fluid, which puts pressure on the brain and optic nerves.

“Left untreated, I could have gone blind. We did a spinal tap and INSTANTLY, the light halos were gone. I take medication to manage the condition, but lesson learned: NOTHING is too small to mention to your doctor!”


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