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Drones Creation Kit for Photoshop and Affinity Designer

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Drones Design Creation Kit

All drones are unique design concepts, they come in different shapes and sizes, each drone has it’s set of characteristics some are strong and tough like the Paladin Drone, super speed for Viper Drone, and super nimble for Beez Neez drone

All drones are 100% vector, every part of the drone is fully customizable

The package also contains a backdrop PSD mockup generator so it’s easier for you to present your own custom designs.

Drones and assets were created using Affinity Designer, and they can be easily edited and adjusted to your unique robots game.


  • 3x Vector Drones Concept Design
  • 1x Photoshop Mockup
  • Huge library of Assets, mechanical parts, decals and robotic parts Available in PSD and Affinity Designer
  • All drones are avaiailable and editable in both Photoshop and Affinity Designer +1x Drone Racing Logo


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