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[Google Slide] Full Corporate Template

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We understand that presentation slide is one of the most important aspect in a business marketing world. A successful presentation could lead you into other great opportunities. Engaging new client, investor, and customer is also easier when your audience understand your message and have the same vision about your big picture. Take a change to Download this Corporate Google Slides presentation templates. The clean layout will make your content structured and presented in a correct flow. The slide is also easy to edit.

You will get:

  • 30+ Total Slides
  • ** Creative and Innovative Presentation Slide**
  • Modern layouts Based on Master Slides (see the video)
  • Use free web fonts
  • Vector Icon
  • 100% Fully Editable Shape
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9

How to Use Master Slide:

Fonts used :


Open Sans

Change your font:

  1. Download font from the above URL link

2. Click The Font Selection

3. Search the font that used in this slide

Upload your presentation to Google Slide:

  1. Open Google Slides
  2. Create Blank Presentation
  3. Click File > Open > Upload > Done

Change the Placeholder images:

  1. Open the slide which displaying the gray image that you want to replace.
  2. Click on View > Master on the top bar.
  3. Right click on gray color placeholder and choose replace image.

Changing logo and tagline in all slides:

  1. Click View
  2. Click Master
  3. Change Logo and Tagline (1st slide/master)

The File Size: 2.1 Mo

To download the project, you just need to send an email to, in the subject write the name of desired project (copy past the post title)

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