How Environmental Toxins in Your Home Affect Your Cats

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Environmental toxins are ever present in our homes, from the chemicals used in rugs and furniture to fire retardants and air fresheners. The effects of all these chemicals on human health have been well documented: researchers have identified nearly 800 chemicals that are of concern. These same toxins also affect our cats.

Symptoms caused by environmental toxin exposure may include sneezing, coughing and runny eyes as well as skin reactions. PCBs in flame retardants in furniture have been linked to feline hyperthyroidism.

In a recent article in Animal Wellness Magazine, integrative veterinarian Nancy Scanlan DVM, CVA took a close look at how environmental toxins affect cats and what you can do to minimize toxins in the home and improve your cat’s health.

Click here to read Environmental Toxins in the Home – How to Help Your Cat Breathe Easier.


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