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How to Select products to promote in Affiliate Marketing

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There is certainly no shortage of products out there to promote, whether you’re interesting in digital or physical.

Actually, that brings up an interesting debate… Is it better to promote physical products or digital products such as eBooks, courses, videos etc?

There are advantages and drawbacks to both – and it will depend on things like where your particular interests lie and what niche you are in. For example, if you’re in one of the hobby niches then you’ll probably find no shortage of physical products to promote – but if you are in a niche such as internet marketing then digital could be the way to go. Many people prefer digital products because you often get paid more generous commissions and they are often paid to you immediately – and that’s what we are going to concentrate on primarily in this report. However if you’re in a niche such as diet or weight loss for example then there might be an opportunity to promote both digital and physical products.

Now we’ve got that over with it’s time to introduce you to some of the main affiliate programs and discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of each.


Clickbank website

Clickbank deals in digital products such as eBooks, Courses and Digital Membership Programs.

As one of the big affiliate networks Clickbank provides you with a huge choice in products you can promote, however they don’t deal in anything physical.

The best way to see the type of product’s on Clickbank is to head on over to their website, go to the Marketplace and spend some time having a browse through the product offerings. Some of these products are one-time sale products, whilst other’s give you the chance to earn a recurring commission (for example monthly membership sites which charge people a monthly fee for access)

Against each product you’ll find detailed information about it such as a description of the product content, how much it sells for, the percentage sale commission and the average amount you get paid per sale (from memory it takes into account refund rates etc).

Getting your unique affiliate link is easy – you simply click on “promote” next to your chosen product and enter in the Clickbank ‘nickname’ you chose when you created your account. If it’s an encrypted affiliate link then it will be automatically generated for you. Clickbank commissions unfortunately aren’t paid instantly – you instead receive your money once your commissions have reached a certain threshold.


Paydotcom website

PayDotCom seems to have reduced in popularity in recent years, however they are still a notable affiliate network in the world of digital products.

There is little point in going into too much detail about them inside this report – if you have a quick browse of their website you’ll easily be able to see how they operate.


JVZoo Website

JVZoo is one of the biggest instant payment affiliate networks. When you promote something on JVZoo and make a sale the money lands in your Paypal account instantly, which is one of the things which makes it so popular.

Like Clickbank and PayDotCom you’ll see that all products listed on JVZoo are digital products. You’ll find a huge variety too, from reports and courses through to software and plugins. JVZoo tends to be mostly internet marketing related – so if you’re looking for products in other niches it’s perhaps not the first place you’d look.


WarriorPlus Website

WarriorPlus is very similar to JVZoo except for one thing – it only deals in Warrior Special Offers.

In case you’re not familiar with the Warrior Forum ( it’s perhaps the largest internet marketing forum out there – a place where marketers come to discuss their businesses, strategies and to network with each other. The Warrior Special Offer forum (WSO forum) is a sub-section where you’ll find forum members selling internet marketing related courses and software – and you’ll find that many of these offers are being sold through the WarriorPlus platform.

If you’re in the internet marketing niche then you’ll find no shortage of products you can promote.

As a sidenote you’ll also find WSOs listed on JVZoo. But whereas JVZoo deals in both WSOs and non-WSOs, WarriorPlus is ONLY for WSOs.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate Website

If you are in a different niche and want to promote physical products then one of the most popular affiliate scheme’s is by the retail giant Amazon

One thing you’ll notice is that the commission percentages are generally nowhere near as generous, however you also need to take into account the huge variety of products that they sell, the popularity of many of those products and the fact that many retail at much higher prices than digital products.

When you also factor in that Amazon is generally considered to be one of the world’s most trusted brands and it’s easy to see why you can make an awful lot of money promoting Amazon products as an affiliate, especially if you’re in the right niche.

As I mentioned earlier we’re going to primarily focus on promoting digital products within this report but that doesn’t mean that you should always dismiss physical products because it IS possible to see great success when doing so.


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