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How To Track Coronavirus Outbreak On The Internet


Coronovirus (COVID-19 virus) is now spreading and has started to turn into a global pandemic with its negative impact on all sectors, but if you want to track the coronavirus (COVID-19 ) to see the crawl of the pandemic, you have a wide range of sites and applications to choose from to watch the development of cases with the virus throughout the day.


1. Johns Hopkins Resource Center to track Coronavirus:

Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Tracker


The Johns Hopkins Unuversity website is also available here with a large main board displaying all the details from here

This is likely the Coronavirus (COVID-19) dashboard currently available, as it uses auto-updated data sources and manual contributions from around the world. Data sources include the World Health Organization, the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Chinese National Health Commission, local media reports, local health departments, and DXY, a Chinese online health care community. The data is kept around the clock (almost in real time), open source on GitHub, and even has a readily available embed code if you want to use it on your site. In fact, many other websites below use this as a source.


2. Our World In Data Site:

Our World In Data Coronavirus


If you are interested in the statistics, you know this site really well, and it lives up to expectations with a COVID-19 outbreak. The site provides deep insights into the global situation and how each country contributes to trends. It even covers topics such as symptoms, severity, basic health conditions, seasonal flu comparisons, rate of growth, and reliability of different data sources. This is basically your comprehensive store for understanding the statistics behind everything else you read.


3. Worldometers site Track Coronavirus:

Worldometers coronavirus track


Worldometers is like a simplified dashboard version of Our World in Data and is a great place to keep general tabs about what we know. It is frequently updated with the latest news and statistics, and it shows a helpful summary of countries reporting new cases and establishing actions such as border closures and confineent. Don’t just stick to the homepage! Follow links on their site to find all kinds of stats and other frequently updated charts about COVID-19.


4. Washington University HGIS Laboratory Tracker

Washington HGIS Tracker


The default display for this tracker is a map of nations. What distinguishes it is the option to switch it to a “heat map”, which shows you the general condition of different countries using different sized squares ranging from red (bad) shades to green (good). Clicking Countries also shows some stats about injury and death rates in the side panel. The map view is also nice, because it provides a very clear picture of which countries are infected and which ones are not.


5. Trackcorona Site:

TrackCorona Site


TrackCorona relies on the same reliable data sources as the other sites listed but it has an elegant design. If you like the simplest way to track a pandemic, this is the best way. It also allows you to switch between a variety of data visualizations.


6. Other sources for track Coronavirus (COVID-19):

World Health Organization Coronavirus

World Health Organization:

A very reliable primary source used by many other tracking sites.


European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control:

One of the most reliable data sources on the epidemic. Most of the tools mentioned above derive some of their data from here.



While his data are a bit behind, it has the option to move the disease progress from its beginnings in Wuhan to the current day.


University of Virginia Institute for Biodiversity:

This tracking map is a little late with updates, but is especially interesting for its ability to show disease progression by country and specific date. It also gives you the option to query the data set from which they derive and download the results.


Milken Institute:

This tracker differs in that it is actually just a spreadsheet (PDF File) that tracks progress toward Coronavirus (COVID-19) treatments. It’s not easy to read, but it’s worth it if you’re interested in keeping up with science.


Bing’s COVID-19 Map:

A great place to get a broad overview of what’s happening in the world. It doesn’t include all the details, but this makes it very intuitive and easy to use.


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