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[Illustrator] Colour Trends Retro Swatches Vol 1

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Designs must be aesthetically beautiful to the eyes in order to have the desired impact. Colors to designs are like ingredients to food, you must combine them perfectly in order to get a delicious masterpiece. With this trendy palette you don’t have to brainstorm what color combination is good, because all of the palettes contained on this swatch are just lovely! Get instant color combinations in few clicks and make your artwork stand out.


  • 1 Adobe Illustrator ASE file with 55 palettes

How To Use:

  • In the swatches panel menu choose :

Open Swatch Library -> Other Libraries -> Color Trends Retro Vol.1.ase

  • The Swatch contains more than 50 different palettes or groups
  • Use the color together in each palette and group.

The File Size: 6 Ko

You can download this project from


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