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[Illustrator] Fineliner Type Decorator’s Tool Kit

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Transform tired text into beautiful, hand-drawn typography!

This decorative hand-drawn tool kit allows the user to transform typography into stippled, fineliner hand-lettering. I developed the text effects and brushes together to ensure that they work in harmony and therefore achieve amazing results for you every time.

So, add a flourish to your food branding; stippling to your stationary; emphasis to your favorite inspirational quotation; and make your wedding stationary catch every eye!

If you’re new to using graphic styles and brushes, don’t worry, thorough usage instructions are included.


PLEASE NOTE: This is not a font pack and so no fonts are included

The pack contains all of these fantastic components:

The Text Effects

A whole load of amazingly authentic patterns and effects have been bundled together into 30 one-click graphic styles. Use these to transform your text instantly and easily!

Home sweet home

The Brushes

Over 40 decorative brushes were specifically designed to work in harmony with the text effects. There’s everything from banners and bunting to foliage and floral flourishes.

If you are a tablet user, you’ll be pleased to know that a version of the brushes with pressure sensitivity enabled is included.

Pattern brushes

Fineliner Patterns

All the patterns that are used in the graphic styles are also included and can be used separately.

A Quick Reference Guide

This will help you quickly find the right brushes and text effects for the task in hand.

How the toolkit works

Example Files

A selection of the preview images. Use these to see how I achieved the look or adapt them to make your own designs. Please note: all text has been converted to outlines on the example files. If you need one with editable text just let me know.

You did it


I used the following fonts in my designs –
Big John. This is free and can be found here –
The Hanley Font family. This one isn’t free but is worth every penny! –
Octopus Bold


  1. Open or create a new Illustrator document.
  2. Open the ‘BRUSHES TAB’. This can be found in the ‘FILE>OPEN’ menu.
  3. In the tab’s corner menu select ‘OPEN BRUSH LIBRARY>OTHER LIBRARY…’ and select one of the brush files from the downloaded product folder. The brushes will open in a new tab.
  4. Click on any of the brush icons to transfer them to the main ‘BRUSHES TAB’.
  5. Please note: to access the quick reference file simply open one of the brush files using the ‘FILE>OPEN’ menu and make the layers visible by turning them on on the ‘LAYERS TAB’.
Pattern brushes

To get the most out of this pack it’s important that you optimize the brush settings before drawing.
Illustrator’s brush settings can make brush strokes smoother or more accurate. Most brushes function better using smoother settings – fewer anchor points equals less distortion. I use the settings shown opposite.
To access these options, double click on the ‘BRUSH TOOL’ icon on the ‘TOOLS MENU’.
Move the ‘FIDELITY’ slider. The closer the slider is to ‘accurate’, the more anchor points your stroke will contain. The closer to ‘SMOOTH’ the fewer anchor points it will have. Click ‘OK’ to confirm this change.
If you have problems with brush distortion try smoother settings.


  1. Select the ‘brush tool’ from the ‘TOOLS MENU’.
  2. Select one of the brushes on the ‘brushes tab’ by clicking on it.
  3. Draw a line.
  4. Select an existing line or vector shape.
  5. Click on one of the brush icons on the ‘BRUSHES TAB’ and it will be applied to your line.


To change the color of your brush mark amend the color of the line’s stroke.
To adjust the size of the brush mark, change the stroke’s width.
To change the width to multiple thicknesses on one stroke, use the ‘WIDTH TOOL’.

The File Size: 68 Mo

You can download this project from

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