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[Illustrator] Fit to Canvas Script

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The Fit to Canvas Script for Adobe Illustrator. It’s a simple and powerful tool

  • Automate your workflow without worrying if your documents/images are of a different size.
  • No need to remember your document size to later make an element that same size.
  • No need to dig into the image/document size menus to know what size is it.
  • No need to drag around resizing manually and hoping it will snap to pixel perfect dimensions.

Some example use cases:

  • You are an Adobe Illustrator user who don’t like to take a time to draw a rectangle and resize it to the dimensions of your art-board just to change the background color of you design. Do it done with ONE single click!!!
  • Your are an Adobe Illustrator user who likes to automate some task you tend to do each time, but you have found yourself always having to “fit” manually different elements or resize your pictures to an specific size because the action can’t figure it out by itself.

You’ll found all the detail in the pdf file

The File Size: 183 Kb

You can download this project from


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