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[Illustrator] Game Logo Text Effects

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This project has 10 game logo text effects for Adobe Illustrator. The effects are powered with Illustrator graphic styles. You can edit the effect in an instant by just double clicking and typing your desired text.


  • Instant effect, no hassle.
  • Fully editable – colors, shadows and depth are editable using Appearance panel.
  • Vector effect, you can resize without losing crispness.

What you’ll get

  • 10 effects in separated Illustrator file.
  • All the graphic styles in one Illustrator file so that you can save the effect and access them from any Illustrator document.

Works with Adobe Illustrator CS5 or any higher version

Fonts used:


First Method

  1. As you can see, the effects are arranged in 10 Illustrator file. Open any one of them. I’ve opened the first effect
  1. Grab the type tool (T) and select the text. Delete the previous text and type what you want.

Second Method

  1. If you want to save the graphic styles to access the effects from any Illustrator file rather than opening these
    files frequently, open Game logo graphic and go to Window>Graphic Styles. Then Click the Graphic
    Styles Libraries menu icon from the bottom of the graphic styles panel. Then save the graphic styles.
  2. Now create a new Illustrator document or open any other and go to Window>Graphic Styles. Select the Graphic Styles Libraries menu icon again and this time click User Defined>Game logo graphic Styles. This way you can open the effects from any Illustrator document.
  1. To apply graphic styles to your text type some text using type tool and change font and font size. After that,
    click on any one of the graphic style to get the effect on your text.

Editing the effect

The good thing about graphic styles is you can edit them even after applying the effect. To edit the effect go to
Window>Appearance. The Appearance panel will open and if you select the text you can see there are some
fills and strokes on the Appearance panel.

=> If you want to remove the shadow, select the last fill and hit delete icon on the bottom right corner of the
Appearance panel.

=> If you want to change the 3d depth, select that fill and expand by clicking the arrow icon on left. After the fill
is expanded click the Transform effect. When transform dialogue box opens increase or decrease the number
of copies to get your desired effect.

The File Size: 20.4 Mo

You can download this project from

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