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Kitchen Scene Creator for Photoshop and Illustrator

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This scene creator includes 6 premade PSD scenes and 52 high-resolution images, making it easy to create kitchen themed header and mockups, or other graphics with ease.

Unbelievable level of detail

This photo-based set features transparent PNG files so you can drag and drop objects directly into your own project.

You can also begin with 1 of the 6 premade PSD templates, then customize individual items and text.

6 Premade scenes

The premade scenes are 3000 x 2000 pixels, while some of the PNG objects weight in at over 5000 pixels wide, so you’ll have no trouble creating graphics of any size.

How to use

OPTION 1: Open one of the premade PSD scenes within the Scenes folder and move/scale/rotate items.

Delete old items, and add new items by draggin and dropping objects from the Objects folder. Add/edit text.

*TIP: You can right click the Layer Styles from a layer within one of the premade scenes to copy the Layer Style. Then right click a layer in your new document and paste them.

You can also customize the shadow direction, intensity, and softness by double clicking the Layer Styles for each layer in the Layers panel.

*TIP: Changing the shadow direction for one layer will update all of the layers.

Expand the Special Effects Layer Group and adjust the Opacity of each effect, or turn them on/off.

OPTION 2: Create a new document and add a background. Drag and drop individual objects from the Objects folder into your new file. Add shadows using Layer Styles.

The File Size: 760 Mo

You can download this project from


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