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[Photoshop] 10 Seamless Metal Textures

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Get this pack of 10 ultra-high-res textures! They’re seamless which means you can tile them to create backgrounds of any size and at over 40 megapixels each, you can use them for posters, banners, photo overlays, and other high-res print projects.

10 High-Res Metal Textures

Pick from any of the ten high-res metal textures! At over 40 megapixels each, you can use them for anything – posters, photo overlays, banners, and more!

Perfectly Seamless/Tileable

Tile these textures with perfect edge-to-edge results! They connect perfectly and have equal brightness so you can repeat them many times with high-quality results.

Photoshop Pattern File Included

Load the pattern file into Photoshop for easy access.

The File Size: 483.5 Mo

You can download this project from

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