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[Photoshop] 3D Cartoon Text Effects

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This product is for Photoshop CS6+ and CC and will not work with Photoshop Elements. It will work with any font or shape.

Very easy to use. Replace the text in seconds via smart object layers. Works with text, vector shapes or logos. You can find more info on how it works in the help file included.

Editable text. All fonts used are free or free for personal use. The links for the fonts are in the Help file located in the main download.


  • 10 PSD Files
  • 2000×1500px
  • 300dpi RGB
  • Fully Editable
  • Well organized
  • Smart object layers
3D Cartoon Text Effects for Photoshop example

How It Works:

Open the text effect you wish to use. In the layers panel there is 1 layer called “Text effect – double click thumbnail to edit”, Double click the layer thumbnail or right click on the layer and select “Edit Contents”. A message will appear, click “OK”. A new window will open, replace the text with your own or use a different font and then close the window, a message will appear asking if you want to save, click “Yes” and you are done!

It also works with vector shapes, logos etc.

The folders have vector masks on. If you don’t want texture on your text effect then just right click on the mask and select “Disable mask” or even delete.

Use the Hue/Saturation Adjustment to change background colors. Double click the thumbnail of the adjustment layer called “Change Background Color” to edit.

Fonts used:


How to edit the text effect:

Open the file you wish to edit in Photoshop and in the layers panel double click on the first layer, the purple colored layer, thumbnail (Text Effect – double click thumbnail to edit) or right click on it and select Edit Contents.

A new window will open. You can either edit the text that’s there already or replace it with any font you want or shape!

After you are done editing, close the new file and a small window will open asking If you wish to save, click Yes.

And that’s all! The smart object will be updated with the new placed text!

How to change background color:

In the layers pane, at the bottom just above the Background folder there is an adjustment layer named Change Background Color and is green colored. Double click on the layer’s thumbnail or right click on it and select Edit Adjustment….

The Hue/Saturation adjustments window will open. Play with the settings until you get the desired color. The color of the background will change in real time. The Hue line is to select a color, the Saturation is to increase or decrease the color intensity and the Lightness is to lighten or darken the color.

And that’s all! Just close the adjustments window.

You can also place another image as your background or place a flat color if you don’t want the texture effect.

How to change the text main color:

In the layers panel, open the folder named Text effect smart object layers and select the smart object called Color. Double click on the Color layer (note that you must not double click the thumbnail) or right click on it and select Blending options

A new window will open, the Layer Style window where you can make multiple changes to the text. Go to Color Overlay and simply select a new color for a quick change.

This text also has Drop Shadow effect. You can remove it or change it’s options for a more or less intense shadow.

It works exactly the same way with the Outline layer. Follow the exact same steps to open the Layer Style panel and make changes to the text’s Outline or Inner Shadow effects.

How to change the 3D effect color:

In the layers panel, open the Text effect smart object layers folder and then open the 3D folder. In the 3D you must edit the first layer. Double click the layer (not the layer thumbnail), or right click on it and select Blending Options.

The Layer Style window will open. Go to Color Overlay and change the color there.

Then, go to Bevel & Emboss and choose appropriate colors to go with your main color. For example, if you choose blue, then choose blue tones for the Highlight Mode and Shadow Mode. The reason there is also a Bevel and Emboss effect is because it give a more realistic look to the 3D effect and it’s not just a flat color. If you want you can remove the Bevel & Emboss for a flat 3D look.

The next step is to close the Layer Style panel and in the Layers window right click on the first smart object, in this case the one called Layer 1 copy 2, and select Copy Layer Style. Then, holding the Shift key on your keyboard, select all of the layers in the 3D folder and right click, select Paste Layer Style. This is to paste all of the changes you made to all of the layers that make the 3d effect.

The last step is to go to the last layer in the 3D folder and open the Layer Style panel (double click or right click and select Blending Options). In the Layer Styles panel this particular layer had a Drop Shadow effect, but since you pasted the effects from the first layer, that shadow effect was removed. Check the Drop Shadow effect and play with the options there until you get the desired look! This shadow is required because it makes the 3d text look better and a little bit more realistic, but of course you can choose not to use this shadow, it’s up to you!

After you did all of the changes mentioned above, the 3d part of the text should now have a new color.

There is also a Shadow folder just below the 3D folder. To edit the layers in that Shadow folder you must follow the same steps like for the 3D folder layers. But please note that the shadow layers must remain transparent or it will look very weird. You can also make this Shadow folder invisible to remove the shadow or give it a lower Opacity to make the shadow less visible.

How to remove the text’s texture:

The text is not actually textured. The folder that contains all of the smart objects that make the text effect has a Layer Mask on it. So you will have to remove this mask in order to remove the texture effect. You can simply do that by right clicking in the mask (see the image below to locate the Layer Mask) and select Disable Layer Mask or you can remove it by selecting Delete Layer Mask.

And now the text will not have a texture anymore!

You can also paint the background in a flat color to remove it’s texture and end up with a more flat, clean text!

The File Size: 60.8 Mo

You can download this project from

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