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[Photoshop] 3D Isometric Layers Action

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A more presentable way to display your layers! 3D Layers gives you the power to turn your layers into 3D extrusions with just one click.

Easy to Use

Simply select a layer and play one action to create an extrusion. From there on, you can extend/shorten the extrusion, rotate the angle, add highlights/outlines, etc using actions.

3D Isometric Layers Display Layer

Editable Layers

Need to make a change? All layers are fully editable so that you can make the changes without undoing a bunch of steps. Simply play the “Edit Extrusion Layer Contents” action, make your changes, then play the “Save Extrusion Layer Contents” action.

3D Isometric Layers Mobile View

Smooth Edges

Isometric transformations can cause jagged edges. These actions apply smart smoothing to eliminate jagged edges. You can also switch between crisp, smooth, or ultra smooth edges.

3D Isometric Layers Multiple Layers

Full Transparency Support

Layers will always look great because they support transparency perfectly. No additional steps are required.

3D Isometric Layers

Batch Mode

Turning one layer into a 3D extrusion is easy. What if you need to do it to all your layers? Simply use the step-by-step batch mode to speed up your process.

The File Size: 25 Ko

You can download this project from

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