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[Photoshop] 3D Text Mockup Kit

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3D Text Mockup Kit

Realistic 3D effects! Easy to make 3D text in seconds. Use them for baby, Mockup Scenes, Flyers, Posters and more! Copy and Paste them where ever you want. It’s easy!

Get them now and make your 3D Text easy with Smart Object Replacement


  • 20x – PSD files with Smart Objects – 2020×1500 pixels
  • Works great in 300Dpi!
  • The 3D Text is made in SMART OBJECT – very easy to change the text, font and size
  • Help file with all instructions and fonts!
  • Very organized layers with groups easy to move and close

How to use

Open a PSD file of your choice.

Change the text and font to your own:

Double click on the thumb of the RED layer. (Or Right click on the layer and choose Edit Contents)
In this new window change the text and the font add shapes if you want.
Change the text and font to your own save the new window with Ctrl + s and close it. Voila, your 3D style is ready!

>>>>> Use guidelines in the smart object to place your text. You can activate them with “ctrl + ;” or for Mac “cmd + ;” <<<<<

Or go to your photoshop menu – View – Show – Guides
The guides are already made in the smart object

1. Change the text to your Own

2. Hit “Ctrl + ;” or “cmd + ;” for mac to see the middle with the userguides

3. Move the letter to a direction or keep it in the middle, left or right for a different angle of the 3D.
You can also rotate the letter ( Ctrl + t ) for a different look.

4. You can try different angles to see which one fits best for your project

Hit Ctrl + s and Smart Object is ready!

5. Disable the layers Textures and Background – Select All ( Ctrl + a ) the Letter and Copy All ( Ctrl + Shift + c ) and paste it in a document of your choice.

TIP! First Select the Move Tool – 1. Open Layer Styles – 2. Select Pattern Overlay – 3. Now click on your document and move the texture till it’s looks good.

The File Size: 455 Mo

You can download this project from

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