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[Photoshop] Art and Branding Scene Generator (Part 1)

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Improve your brand presentation and create wonderful visuals, perfectly customized to your project! This pack contains 194 isolated elements as well as some shadow overlays to give your Mockups the final touch and make them even more realistic. Almost everything is customizable – place your design templates or logo on branding items or change all the colors to your liking.

Custom Example


  • 194/382 Isolated Items (see part 2 of this scene generator for the rest)
  • Easy Drag & Drop Placement
  • Fully Customizable Items
  • High Resolution (create designs for print or 4k monitors)
  • Mockup Replacement via Smart Objects
  • Adjustable & Isolated Shadows
Products Features

What’s Included

  • 192 Items in 7 PSDs
  • 22 Shadow Overlays (JPG)
  • 20 Seamless Paper Textures (grey and white version for different blend modes) (JPG, PAT)
20 Seamless Paper Textures

Category Breakdown (number of items)

  • pens and brushes – 33
  • stationery – 41
  • bags – 15
  • folder and books – 18
  • packaging – 38
  • prints and cards – 27
  • wrappings – 22
Items Overview

Getting Started

Whether you’re working with the PNGs or PSDs, the workflow is quite the same.

Create scenes by dragging & dropping the items (PNG File or PS Layer) to your document.

The PSDs have 2 advantages:

  • Prescaled items with right proportions to each other
  • Customizable details (Colors, Design, Appearence)

When you work with the PSDs, this shortcut will help you a lot (with move toll selected) By Ctrl+Clicking / Cmd+Clicking on an item inside the document, the respective layer will get focused and you don’t have to search for the item’s layer.


The image size you see when you open up the PSDs is not the maximal size. The items are wrapped in Smart Objects and are actually about 4x as large. You can see the full quality when you open up these smart objects.

Customizable Items

To edit customizable parts, open up the items Smart Object with right click > edit contents. Some items have custom colors or custom designs. Find the respective group and edit the ‘replace design’ (also a smart object) or the ‘change color’ layer.

Replace design
Replace color

Reducing File Size

If you finished and saved your design, the file size might be very large. That’s because the items are all Smart Objects and the maximum resolution is still contained. If you don’t need to edit the sizes of the items any more, you can rasterize all the items:

  1. Open any Group Layer with Ctrl+Shift Click to expand all groups
  2. Select all item layers (item + shadow)
  3. Choose right click > rasterize layer
Scenes Example

The File Size: 1.44 Go

You can download this project from


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