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[Photoshop] Sport Scene Generator

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With this Scene Generator you can make excellent game themed pictures. Amazing to use for Hero/Header pictures. It incorporates different mockup things like container/PC/shirt so you can construct scenes to flaunt your game plans. Save time taking photographs all alone and removing things. This item permits you to simply do the pleasant part: Building your custom scene per Drag and Drop.

12 premade scenes


  • 93 Unique Items
  • 12 Premade Scenes (3000×2000 | 300dpi)
  • 15 High Res Textures (up to 4500×3000px)
  • Drag & Drop Placement
  • Scale / Rotate or Move Items
  • Realistic Shadows (no ps-generated dropshadows)
  • Effects (background visible under plastic/glass)
  • Separated Shadows (adjustable opacity)
  • Many Colorable Items
  • High Resolution
  • Various Design Mockups (Tshirt, Laptop(2x), Tablet, Smart Phone, Bottle, A4 Page, A4 Page with wrinkled paper, Business Card
  • Organized Layers and Folders
  • All Textures used in the premade scenes are included in this product
Just drag and drop

Fonts used

more than 85 items

How to use

1. Creating Scenes

Inside the items folder there are 2 PSDs with all the items. It’s split into two files so that you don’t have to scroll while building your scene. After opening the PSD unhide the layer on top, its just there to reduce file size.

2. Changing Colors

All colorable items have a yellow group called “custom color” inside. Make the group visible and adjust the color of the respective fill layer.

Change the color

3. Replacing Design Mockups

To replace the design of the t-shirt, laptop, bottle, …. you have to find the smart object layer. It has a different layer icon and the “(replace)” in its name.
Double click the layer icon, confirm the dialogue and a new document will open up. Paste your design, save and return to the original document.
The design should now be updated.

Mockup Items

4. Adjusting Shadow Strength

To regulate the shadow strength, find the layer “shadow” (gray layer color) and adjust the opacity of this layer


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