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[PowerPoint] Ackerman – Multipurpose Powerpoint Template

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Ackerman, is a multi-purpose Powerpoint Presentation Template with more than 200 Unique Slides, Designed with shape style, 3 size format, Packed with XML files for easy change colors, Quickguide for the short tutorial, and PSD file. Ackerman Powerpoint Template suitable for Agency, Creative people, Entrepreneurs, Business, advertising, and other related.

Ackerman PowerPoint template has 17 Premade colors (+28 basic color) and 2 kind layout (dark and light), very easy to edit, just type your text and place your images!


Slide 1


Features :

  • 16:9, 4:3 & A4 format Size.
  • +200 Unique custom slides
  • 17 Premade color theme
  • Full Animation (build and Transition)
  • Fully Editable (shapes, icons, mockup)
  • Easy placing images with object placeholder
  • Easy to change colors with XML files
  • Screen Mockup PSD
  • Editable World Map with a country border


Included Files :

  • Powerpoint Templates
  • Quick Guide
  • XML files
  • Readme
  • PSD files for mockup preview
  • Vector world map.ppt


Guide 1


How to use THMX files

1. Open your presentation.
2. Go to Design tab, click “more” arrow, click “Browse for themes”.
3. Open THMX files in the “support files > THMX files”




How to use XML files

Copy all the files that are in the folder “02 Support files > XML files” to this folder:

  • On Windows 7 or later:
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Document Themes 15\Theme

note: XML files may not be loaded properly due to different installation of your PowerPoint software, if this problem occurs please search the folder (themes 15) manually.

  • On Mac:
    Macintosh HD: Users:YourUserName:Library:Application Support:Microsoft: Office:User Templates:My Themes:Theme Colors

Once the files are copied, you can easily change the color theme. The XML files will be shown in the variants colors :
Go to > Design tab > variants > colors


Inserting Logo (additional)

1. Go to > View tab > Slide Master.
2. Select the most top slide, place your logo at left-bottom of slide master.

Add Logo


How to Ungroup Object/Shape

1. Right-click on the object
2. Group > Select Ungroup


How to Group Object/Shape

1. Select multiple objects, Right-click on the object
2. Group > Select Group


How to change Shape Color & color theme

1. Select object shape > format > shape fill > pick color.

How to change shape color


How to change color theme

1. go to > Design tab > variants > colors > custom colors,
2. To make your own theme :
repeat step 1 and than select “customize colors”.

How to change Theme color



How to inserting Picture 1 (picture or texture fill object)

1. select object.
2. right click > format picture > fill & line > pictures or texture fill > file.

How to inserting Picture 1


How to inserting Picture 2 (picture placeholder)

1. Simply click the icon and insert your image.

How to inserting Picture 2 (picture placeholder)


How to arrange picture

Sometimes after exporting a picture to “picture or texture fill” object the picture position and size get to mess up. To fix this :
1. Select object.
2. go-to format > crop (dropdown arrow) > fill.
3. Arrange the picture.


How to arrange picture


Choosing layout From Slidemaster

1. Right-click main slide from the slide deck > Layout > Choose.

Choosing layout From Slidemaster


How to Change Screen Mockup

1. Open “landscape-phone-screen.psd” in “02 Support file” folder.
2. Double Click the layer thumbnail, new tab will appear.

How to Change Screen Mockup Step 1


3. Drag and drop your image into the new artboard > arrange or resize > file > save

How to Change Screen Mockup Step 2

4. Go back to the first tab and save it as .png, file > save as > .png

How to Change Screen Mockup Step 3

5. Place your image to phone mockup inside PowerPoint.

How to Change Screen Mockup Step 4



The File Size: 74 Mo

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