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[Premiere Pro] Animated Neon Glowing Scribble Elements

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Glowing Scribbles is a premiere pro motion graphic template (MOGRT) contains more than 270 Animated Neon Glowing Scribble Elements and LiveView Free Extension that helps you in creating beautiful videos in neon style, so Live View free toolkit to manage this MOGRT more faster & easier.

Preview of different elements:

Animated Neon Elements:

These complete package contains animated scribbles: backgrounds, borders, explodes, lightning’s, bubbles, smoke & liquids, symbols, line animations, text animations, mustaches’, glasses & much more.

You can change glowing lines width and color, Each element of these package has many controllers to customize colors, line width, neon Flickr, glitch & much more. You can use each elements anywhere such as titles, sports or create your own video with neon style. Mixing them with each other or with your videos brings amazing results for you.

Number of elements by category:

  • Loop Background (6)
  • Body and Facial Items (27)
  • Borders (11)
  • Bubbles (7)
  • Curve Lines (35)
  • Explode (29)
  • Fire (8)
  • Friction (5)
  • Glasses & Mustaches (24)
  • Gun Shot (5)
  • Lightning (11)
  • Liquid (15)
  • Scribble Transition (9)
  • Smoke (7)
  • Square and Circles (11)
  • Stars (9)
  • Straight Lines Motion (20)
  • Symbols (35)
  • Text Reveal (6)
  • Wiggle Lines (9)

How to Install the Pack:

  1. rename the file ‘Liveview2.0.9.zxp’ to ‘Liveview2.0.9.zip’ if you don’t need to install any tool for managing zxp files, it’s the simple way.
  2. Unzip the file ‘Liveview2.0.9.zip’
  3. Copy all the folder to this path ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions\’
  4. Restart Premiere Pro
  5. Go to the Menu Window and choose ‘Extensions’, you’ll see ‘Live View’
  6. Choose ‘Live View’, the Live View Panel appears, in the bottom, click on the (+) button and choose the file ‘List.liveview’ that you can found it inside the folder ‘Glowing Scribble’
  7. The pack was installed, choose any category and put any element that you want with simple click
  8. You can customize the color, width of any elements

The File Size: 166 Mo

You can download this project from Mega.nz or by sending an email to faycal@learnpracticeandshare.com, in the subject write the name of desired project (copy past the post title)

The Project will be sent by this tool TransferXL to receive it directly in your mailbox

 For more detail about how to download the project, check this video


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