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[Premiere Pro] X Type Flow

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Work faster and smarter. Add creativity to your videos.
80 animated typography scenes in MOGRT setup for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Easy to Edit
Super easy to edit even for beginners. Why?
Every scene includes a control panel for colors and more.

Changeable Backgrounds
Add your background smoothly. How?
Just remove the default colored background with a simple click. Drag and drop your background that can be any media file like video, and it’s ready.

Three Resolution Setups
Save time on converting scenes for different resolutions. How?
Every scene comes with the three most famous resolutions.

4K-Full HD: The common video resolution for Youtube, Vimeo, Broadcast and more.

Portrait: Ready for Instagram Stories, TikTok, Facebook Stories, Snapchat and any kind of… story (you get it).\

Square: Perfect for Instagram and Facebook posts.\

One-Click Duration Adjustments
Adjust the duration of your animation with literally one click. How?
Just drag and drop the In or Out point of the MOGRT file. The animation will not be affected.

Unlimited Duplicates
If you need to create an animation with the same style, you have to\ duplicate the composition. What’s all.

Recap Features

  • Super Easy to Edit
  • Changeable Backgrounds
  • Three Resolution Setups
  • One-Click Duration Adjustments
  • Unlimited Duplicates
  • Unique Intro – Outro
  • HTML Preview

The File Size: 30.9 Mo

You can download this project from

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