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REST API Testing from scratch – Rest Assured java


REST Assured API is a powerful API released by Google (just like Selenium for Web) for automating REST API. 70% of the IT industry is now moving towards this API automation service

Know everything you need to know about REST API automation, including Postman, even if you have never worked on an API before

The course covers basic to advanced Rest Assured, Postman, Java, TestNG, framework implementation from scratch, and rich examples, such as Jira, Twitter, Youtube, Google Maps API examples

What makes this course different from other courses?
The only course on the Internet that covers examples of JIRA, TWITTER, GOOGLE MAPS and YOUTUBE API”

—> No other course covers the topics covered in this course in such a detailed depth. To prove, if other tutorials cover Jira youtube, etc., you can cross check with other tutorials,

What makes this course the best?

We assume that students have no experience in automation/coding and start each topic from scratch and basics.

The examples are taken from TESTING REAL TIME HOSTED Rest APIs to understand how to automate different components, which will enable you to understand the industry-level framework and give you confidence.

No programming or automation experience is required, and this course covers all necessary topics.

Get more than 30 hours of unique content and provide real sample code files for reference and learning examples.

The course is prepared on the basis of carefully selected real-world scenes

After completing the course, you will be proficient in REST API automation and can be successfully implemented in your workplace, or you will definitely be engaged in a high-paying job

We start at the beginner level and then go through the advanced framework level. This is a course that covers everything you need to know about Rest API manual testing and automation.

This course is suitable for:

  • Manual testers, non-programming-conscious testers interested in learning automation
  • Any software engineer interested in mobile technology
  • Freshman/Graduate/Software Tester

What you will learn

  • At the end of this course, you will have a complete knowledge of REST API automated testing
  • You will be able to design and implement a structured API automation framework using REST Assured API
  • In-depth understanding of REST API automation using Rest Assured with real-time examples
  • Comprehensive understanding of REST manual testing tools, such as POSTMAN and demonstrations of many practical APIs
  • Additional knowledge about generating great client reports for API test execution results


  • Course Length: 24.5 Hours
  • Course Size: 5.05 Go
  • Number of sections: 21

How to Get the Course

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