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Selenium WebDriver with Java and Cucumber BDD


By using the Java language to build a test framework using Selenium WebDriver, become an experienced automation tester. This course will provide you with an overview of automation and a practical guide to using Java to build a framework. Then explore the powerful features of Selenium WebDriver and Cucumber!

Today’s software development uses TDD and BDD practices and requires continuous integration and continuous deployment. Automation testers need to develop robust, clean, and comprehensive frameworks for regression testing, functional testing, and acceptance testing. Selenium WebDriver is an industry-leading open source tool that allows Scrum teams to quickly deliver high-quality software!

Learn how to use Cucumber framework and Gherkin language to apply BDD principles and develop signature files with Given-When-Then structure. Combine the knowledge of the Cucumber framework with the implementation of Java steps, and use Selenium to automate Web operations.

  • Build a robust testing framework
  • Develop your own data-driven framework
  • Interact with elements on the page
  • Use Java to automate web operations
  • Use Cucumber to build BDD tests
  • Implement the page object model
  • Leverage popular testing frameworks such as JUnit and TestNG

This course draws on years of experience in training consultants and new employee induction corporate training. Register for this course to fully understand automation, frameworks, Selenium WebDriver and BDD with Cucumber!

  • I will not waste time on many configurations
  • I will not waste time on unnecessary topics
  • I focus on automating user actions with Selenium WebDriver
  • I focus on building the framework
  • I focus on concepts and technical concepts
  • I focus on applying our knowledge to build complete, realistic tests

This course is suitable for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to test web applications
  • Manual tester/QA
  • Anyone who wants to apply Java to real projects

What you will learn

  • Write realistic automated test scripts for web applications
  • Build a powerful testing framework and custom library
  • Integrate Java with Selenium
  • Design a data-driven test framework
  • Find elements on the page and simulate user behavior
  • Automate user actions across multiple browser platforms
  • Use Gherkin to develop Cucumber / BDD test plan with signature files
  • Continuous integration and testing


  • Course Length: 6.5 Hours
  • Course Size: 1.85 Go
  • Number of sections: 9

How to Get the Course

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