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Swipe File of 50+ Viral TikTok Companies with analysis

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~ ( good study to learn how certain products can simply just “go viral”, but most importantly they fake footage all the time and have scripted people show up and ask questions about how tf water is free. )

~ chipotle ( usually hops on trends )

~ glowrecipe ( started using photo carousel to go viral )

~ queensweetatlanta ( candy that makes peoples mouth water watching TikToks, good to sell during downturn )

~ magicspooncereal ( they hired a ugc for one of their videos that I REALLY liked, video started with “do we trust the influencers , fitness edition magic spoon, i have seen so many influencers post this all over instagram, im a milk first” )

~ doordash ( pay attention here cause their content sucks balls but they have a huge opportunity to actually kill on TikTok if they dove into meme culture, brands like this are losing out on so much money, their videos avg a few thousand views only LOL. Talk about a lack of talent )

~ thesolset ( saturated as fuck, everyone wants to sell this stuff and diffusers. but its good to pay attention to saturated products like this because so many people are trying to test different angles which lets you know trends/songs you haven’t seen yet )

~ thecrispyfantasycereal ( pay attention as they are slowly improving, interesting to pay attention and see what they might do )

~ middaysquares ( im overall paying attention to the candy scene as anything with sugar is a vice and does well in this time of the economy, so it’s good to watch whats happening in this scene especially with something like MrBeast bars I predict a monumental shift in the snack scene due to creators leveraging entertainment )

~ coco_and_eve ( some intriguing products like the tanning cream )

~ stryx_official ( great learning experience how some videos can get 24 Million views and the rest a few thousand, a lot of brands have no idea how to replicate winners or fix what they are doing wrong )


~ kajabeauty ( blurred backrounds, super close ups make the video aesthetic, including ASMR sounds etc. )

~ florence ( they leverage lots of ugc here )

~ ryanair ( “catch flights, not feelings 💅 “ ) bro come on just reading this you know they have a good marketing guy who doesnt care about what corporate says, very similar vibe to duolingo

~ scrubdaddy ( high level marketing, just look at them leveraging the chad meme that was going viral so often last month 1. )

~ lumberlend ( something to note is I see a lot of companies starting to make tiktoks with just their employees and talking about the process or interesting questions once a fan base is built up, we see this in the car mechanic industry and watch industry which makes sense cause not many things can do viral with mechanic shops and watches )

~ buyingtimeshow ( just spoke about the watch industry on TikTok here is who i was referencing )

~ psdtiktok ( tiktok the app with thots, this brand leverages these highly attractive girls to sell )

~ occhiropractor

~ lotuscars ( prime example of big company diving into meme culture and native content on tiktok and leveraging it to get attention and eyes to their brand “safe controversy” to gain traction for example starting beef with other brands in comment section like BMW in comments audience ends up commenting on bmw’s posts mentioning lotus, lotus makes their audience entertained and happy

~ duolingo ( probably my favorite account, who doesnt love the giant costume just look at baseball / basketball games, there is a reason this marketing strategy does so well ) + ( they are so real with their humor and seems like it doesnt go through a million channels of people before giving the OK to post, its very fun and entertaining )

~ Ecomtrick ( take notice of video templates and how he repeats them to go viral, you need to develop systems like he does, but additionally notice how famous he is and all the gaps he has such as no CTA, no discord. Study accounts and find their holes, train this habit of noticing such things in other accounts )

~ Petroledofficial ( great example of a simple product and how you can still make interesting content from it )

~ poppingcandy ( they have interesting marketing and i spoke about them a few times, they’ve mastered engagement bait really well for ex: rather than packing the candy normally they started throwing the green one into the box and the comments are filled with “💀 WHY SO aggressive???” ETC. )

~ carboncoskin ( people like their unique products and with a product like this the only content you need is showing the final product first and then the process with the right song )

~ MrBeast ( you have to study his tiktok to take notice of trends you may missed )

~ Frankniu ( popular discord off just replying to people, interesting way to monetize )

~ kelz

~ jakewoolfstyle

~ Commoderyskinco

~ Gaming_Foodie ( mom who is a cook and an amazing entertainer )

~ cookingwithlynja ( her son is an amazing editor, take notes )

~ populartrendingsongs ( good to note for any software guys trying to grow on TikTok but unsure how, goal is to provide as much free value as you can )

~ betterbrandhealth ( show solution for big problem, cta is sharing your product as an all in one )

~ coubracelets ( tech items like this will pop off in 2023)

~ thedankoe + Mr.Freeman is a style art I see popping off in the coming yrs

~ jk_wand ( creative way to go viral especially leveraging current Ohio meme where all the weird stuff comes from )

~ chrisramsay52 ( super interesting niche products, can totally make a list setup affiliate and sell stuff or plenty of other ways to monetize, the key takeaway here is that people likely go to his profile and binge watch all of the products its how he gets so many views, i encourage my clients to use a similar technique that I help them formulate )

~ ( beauty products for men will do rlly well in 2023 )

~ mySafeLock vid ex: ( they leverage the fear of some women especially for ex new yorkers moving into a new apartment from some other state and have controversial hooks which encourages comments “he cant do that” ) pro tip: no context that they are selling it, def would suggest you include that info

~ ( controversial / big market / cheating will always be popular as ppl get dumber )

~ ( i’m convinced teenagers buy stupid products like this to be popular at school for a day so they get some laughs

~ ( really long hook which makes the videos retention seriously high, once your 5 seconds in… 10 seconds in… you have an urge to keep watching to see what the product does. It doesn’t work with all products but you can tell this person leveraged that fact with this one because he could )

Bonus note:

  1. Look at clever ways to break rules such as a TikTok ban this can make you stand out


  1. Realize people spend more time trying to copy winners and repost them onto instagram reels to go viral rather than find their own thing
  2. Leverage controversial takes to stir engagement bait

ex: ( i hate my dog ) bro nobody hates their dogs rlly, but they sort of do for certain reasons such as water getting all over the floor and you have to clean it now boom solution product. Stop just stealing my free 119 Opening Hooks on my website and come up with your own creatives like they did, you have to focus on standing out )

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