Blog Post Checklist

The Full Blog Post Checklist

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Here is the full checklist for your blog post


  1. Pick The Subject of Your Blog Post
  2. Pick Your Primary Keyword Phrase
  3. Choose a Blog Post Title
    1. Try to plan for voice search
    2. Choose a Compelling Title
    3. Make Sure Your Title Length is under 60 characters


  4. Make Sure Your Blog Title is in the URL
  5. SEO While Writing Your Post
    1. Keyword Placement Throughout Your Post
    2. Make an Enticing Meta Description
    3. Images and All Images Have alt Tags
    4. Make Sure the Blog Post is Long Enough


  6. Make Sure the Blog Post Provides Value
  7. Break Up Paragraphs
  8. Proofreading
  9. Pick Proper Categories
  10. Make Sure There are Internal Links
  11. Add Any Possible Good External Links
  12. (Optional)Monetization of Your Blog Post


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