Top 26 Free Stock Photo Sites in 2020

Top 26 Free Stock Photo Sites in 2020

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What do I mean by Free Stock Photo? Why you need them ? and a lot of questions about them


What is Free Stock Photo:

A free stock photo is a website where you can get a lot of photos without copyright under a license called Creative Common (CC)

A lot of person use google to get a free photo, but I think with this list of websites you’ll forget google…oh yes


Why you need a Free Photo:

You must know, you can’t use any type of digital support without having the authorization of the owner, if you do that, you’ll be exposed to big trouble, financial woes and you risk facing multiple legal. For this reason, you need to get authorization from the legal owner before to use them and at 99,99% of cases, you need to pay the legal owner.

Imagine, you want to use a lot of digital support (for this case photos), you need to have a very important budget to get them, therefore most people can’t afford to invest in it or want to invest in things that are more important.

Fortunately, there exist a lot of photo without copyright that you can use in your video, document, design, presentation, … under the condition to check and must be absolutely sure that the person who is submitted the photo is the legal owner else you’ll be in the same risk that I’ve mentioned before.

Don’t worry, For commercial use and Business, I’ll give you the best safest free stock photo that you can use in your website.


I’m not saying these websites have 100% risk-free images. What I say is theirs are safer than the rest. Be it due to known copyright owners, better policing, serious business backgrounds or review processes, the following offers in free photos have a higher trust degree, and that’s why I chose them.


The Safest Free Stock Image :

Now that’s very cleared, jump into my big list of the best free stock photo websites!


1. Pixabay – Best Free Stock Photo:

Pixabay Montagne

One of my favorite websites, they are using licensed under Creative Common Zero (CC0), the attribution isn’t required and you can use them for commercial purposes.

The site contains more than 1 million photos.

Relying on CC licenses and user submissions is not the safest practice per se, but Pixabay manages it wonderfully by professionally checking all photos. Add how serious the website and the owners are, and the fact the site is now owned by a big and very serious company like Canva, and you end up free photos that are safer than many others.


2. Unsplash – Big Free Stock Photo:

These are crowdsourced images, but the big popularity of Unsplash means it’s an open window for designers and photographers, making the chance to submit illegal content more unlikely. They have a custom license and it adds a little safety, but the fact the website is so relevant and so successful for its owners is what ensures they take photo licensing seriously.


3. PikWizard:

PikWizard is a pro-style free stock photo site, full of HD photos portraying multiple popular categories. Their hundreds of thousands of photos come from various contributors, a lot of whom are known stock media producers. and they are free for all of them.

They have their own custom license enabling free use in commercial projects but with an important use clause. They don’t allow use in products for resale (posters, t-shirts, etc.) and resale, but those are the only copyright limitation.


4. Pexels – High-Quality Free Stock Photo:

I use this site also, you can use their photos without adding attribution and it’s free for commercial purposes.

They have also a free video stock, I’ve talked about this in this post: Best Free Stock Video Websites

In addition to this, they gave a free tool such as Photoshop Plugin and apps.


5. Life Of Pix:

Their images are under Public Domain, it means you can use them without copyright, the attribution isn’t required, Possibility to use them for commercial purpose but the site don’t allow mass distribution.


6. Gratisography:

The collection is very small, so limited in terms of variety. The website has a custom license near to Creative Common Zero (CC0).


7. SplitShire:

Images for free commercial purpose but if you want to resell the image you must alter it else you’re not allowed.


8. Burst:

They have two types of licenses, the first one is Creative Common Zero (CC0) and the second is the same as CC0 which allows using images in products for resale but it contains the sensitive clause.


9. Rawpixel – Social Media Ideal, Authentic Free Images :

They have a Custom license with free usage for commercial purposes but sensitive use clause with No resale.


10. Libreshot :

They have a license under Creative Commons Public Domain, with no copyright restrictions.


11. PicJumbo:

Free Photos from a Pro Stock Photographer, It contains more than 2000 photos by Hanacek, covering multiple popular categories, free for all.

Licensed under Creative Common Zero (CC0).


12. Kaboompics:

You can found more than 8000 images but their license contains some restrictions, for example, you can’t resell the photo without making an alteration and also you need permission to redistribute them.

It’s for free commercial purposes.


13. Rgbstock:

Rgbstock is a site giving away over 100,000 stock images for free.

They have a custom license that grants free usage for commercial purposes, and restrictions similar to royalty-free photos: a sensitive use clause and a prohibition to use images in products for resale.


14. Good Stock Photos:

The website uses a custom license that grants free usage for commercial purposes, only restricting the selling of the image as-is, uncrediting compiling and/or redistributing.



Images under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) for Free usage for commercial purposes.


16. Fancy Crave:

All images are under Creative Commons Zero (CC0), Free usage for commercial purposes with a sensitive use clause. The contract also rejects the need to clear additional rights for commercial purposes (property releases, etc.)


17. ISO Republic:

If you search for the site with collections of free stock high-resolution images about popular subjects, you need to know ISO Republic. This website is currently managed by a small team and provides thousands of very good quality photos to download and use, free of charge.


18. Epicantus:

They say only that it allows free usage for commercial projects. Not all of the images are of great commercial value. And being a Tumblr website there are limitations to the design.


19. Startup Stock Photos:

Images are under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) for Free usage in commercial projects.

The website is very basic, it doesn’t contain a search engine and it can get be very hard to find something specific in it.


20. MMT Stock:

Images are under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) for Free usage in commercial projects.


21. FoodiesFeed:

Free High-Resolution Images of Food, so if you’re working in the food niche, this website is very good for you.

Images are under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) for Free usage in commercial projects.


22. Freerange:

Free Stock Images for every category.

It contains two licenses: Equalicense, a licensing model allowing free usage for commercial purposes that is a little more controlled than Creative Commons and prohibits the use of the file in products for resale as well as big distribution. The second is under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) for Free usage for commercial purposes.


23. Stockvault:

There are 3 licenses :

1. Non-commercial license (free for personal and editorial use only).

2. Commercial license (free usage for commercial purposes).

3. Creative Commons Zero (CC0) – free usage for commercial purposes.


24. Styled Stock:

Styled Stock is a small collection of free images with a defined feminine style. With just a little over 100 photos, most of them are desktop shots and flat lays with a very clean, modern and minimalist concept. It’s not very clear who manages the website or who owns the images, but it is clear you can use them in commercial projects and they are free to download.

License Under Free usage for commercial purposes and No attribution required but Copyright still held by the owner/author


25. Skitterphoto:

The license under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) and free usage for commercial purposes.


26. NegativeSpace:

The license under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) and free usage for commercial purposes.



Bonus – Free Stock Photo from Paid Website :

In terms of safety for commercial purposes, nothing compares to Royalty-free stock photos. These images have been carefully verified and reviewed for both quality and legality.

Some stock images sites have freebies sections, some give away one or a few images periodically, and some have free trial deals that include downloading resources without paying. With any of these methods, you are able to get stock images for commercial use that are as safe to use as free of charge!

Here I collected quick guides to get free images from some of the best stock images sites on the web. Just click on the item you want to see how you can get them!


My favorites :

I’m always using these 3 sites for getting free stock photos: Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash.

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