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Have you created a youtube channel and want a free stock video?
Are you afraid of copyright?

I have a solution for you.

There are lots of YouTubers who want to use copyright-free videos, there are lots of videos without copyright that you can use to create your own content without any problem.

Before I start, I will show you proof of a video I created recently and I put it on youtube containing a background video without any copyright.


As you can see in this video, there’s a background of ocean waves with quotes. Now it’s time to show you where I get these videos from.

The first website I use often is pixabay.



To download a video it’s very simple:

1- Choose the video category in the search bar
2- Put the desired keyword
3- In the list of results, choose a video
4- Click on the download button by choosing the right format of the video

for information, you can get a lot of results if you type the keyword in french (Use google translate)


In this website, there are lots of free stock video that you could use for your own videos

It is recommended when using these videos is to create your own content, Youtube likes it very much.

So here is the way that YouTubers use to create their video and which allows them to have very good passive income

You were going to tell me, Are there other websites where you can get free stock video (without copyright)? the answer is YES, I add a list to you to have a more important and varied choice.

List of websites for free stock video:



– Pexels Free Stock Video:

Best quality of the stock video, there is a paid part if you want high quality

– Clipstill:

a very small choice

– Videezy:

a wide choice but would have to put the rebate

– Videvo:

Many choices but the quality of the videos is variable.

– Lifeofvids Free Stock Video:

High-quality videos intended mainly for business for marketing.

– Distill:

high-quality videos for social networks

– Splitshire:

High definition (HD) videos mainly from nature and the outdoors.

– Vidsplay:

a large choice of generic video


Bonus Best Paid Stock Video:

As a bonus, the two best websites for paid videos:

– Videoblocks:

Video intended for entrepreneurs on a small budget but the videos are really high quality with a wide choice

– Shutterstock:


It is the opposite of the previous one, videos with a large but large budget in all areas.

I hope you liked this selection, do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have other websites interesting for free videos.


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